Dr Stephen Spencer on his experience physically restraining a young person in distress


After more than a decade of mental health nursing, Stephen was driven to make his new evidence-based approach available to everyone, rather than those only presenting at the local Hospital he worked. That way, adults would be better equipped to support young people in their care through distressful times and reduce the use of restraining […]

Dr Stephen Spencer on why he created Coach 2 Cope: Psychological First Aid

Dr Stephen Spencer first started his nursing career following the birth of his daughter. On that day, he and his wife were cared for by a male midwife, this planted the seed for him to pursue a nursing career. His first few years was working in a medium-secure Forensic Mental Health Unit. During this time […]

Evidence Based TAR3 Psychological First Aid now online

When it comes to supporting a person in a physical health crisis, you were most likely taught to follow the DR ABC method. Now you can learn what to do in a mental health crisis online, in just 30 minutes. This program will also help you to support a young person to develop their vital skills […]

The origins of EEYouth name and colours

Where did the name Equi Energy Youth come from? Equi Energy essentially means a ‘balance’ of energy.  It reminds us that as human beings we all possess a wonderful life force and that we’re at our very best when our ‘spirit’ is balanced and at peace.  Young people especially are truly amazing when at their […]

EEYouth’s Dr Stephen Spencer on Nic Holt Podcast

Dr Spencer invited on Nic Holt’s podcast Just spoke to Steve Spencer — a great Australian who’s on the front lines of Victoria’s mental health crisis.Many Australians are taking their own lives and presenting to hospitals with self-harm injuries because of CRIMINAL LOCKDOWNS. A NATIONAL DISGRACE! #covidvic pic.twitter.com/J0A3EZX3Oq — Nick Holt (@Nicjournalist) August 17, 2021