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Coach 2 Cope: TAR3 Responder (Parents & Carers)

Designed to help families and carers by coaching simple methods on recognising triggers that elevate distress in young people and how to best respond, in any situation.


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Wow!!! Steve, on behalf of Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service Executive our sincere gratitude to you and your business partners. Such a wonderful gift, very thoughtful and I’m sure will brighten the life’s of many disadvantaged and vulnerable children!

This has warmed my heart and made my day! A very big Thank you.

Ben Roberts
A/Service Manager | HNELHD Child & Adolescent Mental Health Services,

Why Donate?

Your donation, whether it’s $2, $2000 or $20,000 is extremely important for us to be able to continue supporting the mental health of young people in communities across Australia. One of our charitable initiatives is to provide our ‘Coach 2 Cope: Families and Carers’ program to build capacity in the adults in the natural support system around children and young people. This program is provided to the communities wherever we travel and to the families and carers of the schools and organisations we work with. This forms a key component in our vision to have every adult across Australia using TAR3 Psychological First Aid when they respond to a child or young person with mental health distress.

Our Programs

All of our programs are evidence based, derived from our Clinical Director Dr Stephen Spencer’s PhD research and Clinical Experience responding and supporting thousands of young people through acute episodes of psychological distress. You and/or your organisation can even become a sponsor for these sessions. Imagine that, your company’s name getting behind providing free mental health training for families in your community.
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Donate here or contact us info@eeyouth.org.au.

A big thanks to The MacDougall Foundation, Prosperity Advisers, SWS Lawyers and our great friend Sue McLeod for your generous donations and continued support.

About Us

Equi Energy Youth

When it comes to responding to children and young people in distress, many parents and carers just don’t know what to do.

This is where you can become part of the solution.

EquiEnergy Youth is committed to providing training for parents and carers, at no cost. To achieve this, we are calling for the community to please donate to our charity so we can continue these vital programs.

You can also build your own capacity and help reduce the burden of mental ill health for young people in your community by becoming TAR3 trained.