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The origins of EEYouth name and colours

Where did the name Equi Energy Youth come from? Equi Energy essentially means a ‘balance’ of energy.  It reminds us that as human beings we all possess a wonderful life force and that we’re at our very best when our ‘spirit’ is balanced and at peace.  Young people especially are truly amazing when at their best!  Their youthful energy, curiosity for the world around them and boundless kindness toward each other flows when their body and mind is in harmony. This is the state we aspire to encourage amongst all young people.  We recognise that it is natural for distress and poor mental health to occur in our lives from time to time and it’s at these times we must help each other return to our restful, peaceful state. Where did the colours come from? Equi Energy Youth found the colours for our brand in nature.  The flap jack succulent (attached) inspired the colour scheme as we found the striking yet soft combinations of colour beautifully balanced.  The resilience of succulents also is a nice fit for us and a great analogy for the coping and resilience we support in young people as they grow.