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EquiEnergy Youth believes in a brighter future for young people, their families, and our community. We exist to save young lives. 

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We value Integrity, Innovation, Compassion and Community.

We do this by educating adult support systems to reduce psychological distress in children and young people. Just like DR ABC for a physical health crisis, TAR3 gives adults simple steps to follow when responding to children and young people through episodes of psychological distress.


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Coach 2 Cope: TAR3 Responder (Parents & Carers)

Parent and Carers

Coach 2 Cope: TAR3 Responder

Educators (Classroom Teachers and SLSO roles)

Coach 2 Cope: TAR3 Responder and Support Plans

TAR3 Responder and Support Plans

Coach 2 Cope: TAR3 Responder and Support Plans (Clinical version)

TAR3 Responder and Support Plans (Clinical version)

Our Mission & Goals

Coach 2 Cope: TAR3 - Evidence based coaching programs

Equi Energy Youth provides evidence based coaching programs to professionals (educators, health clinicians, youth workers etc) and parents/carers on how to provide the most effective ‘in the moment’ responses to children and young people through episodes of psychological distress.

Our ‘Coach 2 Cope: TAR3’ programs TAR3 Individual Support Plans are underpinned by Dr Stephen Spencer’s PhD research and many years of experience working in a child and adolescent mental health unit.


Evidence based and trauma informed professional learning with programs specifically designed for Executive, Wellbeing Teams, School Counsellors, Classroom Teachers and SLSO’s.


Evidence based training aimed at building capacity in clinician’s knowledge and skill to provide effective responses to young people with psychological distress.

Non-Government Organisations

Evidence based trauma informed training for youth workers, social workers and out of home care professionals on how to support young people through episodes of psychological distress.


Evidence based coaching on when and how to respond to the children and young people in your life during episodes of distress and build their coping and resilience.


What People Say About Us

Trish Berry
Trish Berry
I attended the fantastic Coach to Cope course on Wednesday 6th Dec 2023.The organization of the course was very professional, ensuring that I knew where and how to get to the venue and had the course outline before the training. Dr Stephen Spencer was an excellent presenter who was highly experienced and knowledgeable about mental health and the issues that affect the young people that we teach. He was refreshing in his honest and authentic delivery of such an important tool for teachers. Thanks guys!
CJ Bird
CJ Bird
I'm lucky to have had the opportunity to meet and work with Ben and Steve at Equi Energy Youth doing some videoing for them. I've also attended one of their Coach 2 Cope programs. Their enthusiasm and belief in what they do is obvious and contagious! These guys are why I love working with Not For Profit organisations. Honestly I truly believe the programs and tools they have developed are revolutionary in improving the mental health of our children and young people. In the program I attended I saw the response from the attendees (mostly educators). I saw the way they nodded at each other, engaged with Steve, wrote lots of things down and asked heaps of questions! This program is for all adults, but particularly those who deal with children and young people on a daily basis.
Marissa Boorman
Marissa Boorman
As a parent and an educator, I found this course very informative and user friendly. Thank you for making it easily accessible and affordable.
Tracey Collins
Tracey Collins
Lots of valuable, easy to follow information for anyone who works with, or has children and young people in their lives. Definitely recommend doing.
Natalie Caslick
Natalie Caslick
I return to Preschool feeling refreshed, passionate, inspired and with a new spring in my step after attending the TAR3 training. I just wanted to let you know how much of an impact TAR3 has had on our practices here at Preschool. There is no doubt the passion Steve and his team have and the enormously positive impact TAR3 training will have on us all. This training is life changing! How fortunate are we, as professionals, to work in a shared space and ensure the best outcome for our “little buddies”, their families and ourselves as professionals. The tools that Steve has provided for us all can be adapted to any environment; that could be long day care, preschool, primary school, high school, and even for our own personal use. I have learnt so much about myself. I have also grown both personally and professional. I now have new tools and ways of guiding, supporting, nurturing and mentoring my team. The flow on effect will continue for many years to come. Steve’s interpersonal skills and unique ability to look beyond the surface is evident every time you listen to him speak. Thank you so much for sharing your passion and awesome skill set with us all. Natalie
Nadine Dent
Nadine Dent
I have been working for the Department of Education as a teacher for 15 years and "Coach to Cope" was one of the most practical, relevant and important training courses I have completed. I definitely know this will help all teachers support the mental health outcomes and therefore learning outcomes of all students. Very worthwhile!
Donna Stephens
Donna Stephens
Coach 2 Cope is a very real and practical approach when supporting young people who are experiencing distress. Steve and his team at EquiEnergy Youth have provided our Special Assistance School with resources and frameworks that we are inspired by and excited to implement. The capacity of staff to connect with and support students in meaningful and respectful ways has been strengthened. I would highly recommend this program to all teachers, support staff and parents.
Darren Mumford
Darren Mumford
Outstanding presentation that I highly recommend for everyone engaging with young people, particularly those experiencing challenges. Excellent, practical tools and well-supported, commonsense approach.
Ingrid van Loon
Ingrid van Loon
I very much enjoyed the COACH2COPE Responder Toolkit PL, both as an educator and a parent. I think after teaching for so long I am already doing a lot, but the PL brought it all together. I have already encouraged my SLSOs and other members of our LST to do the course.
Method Msa
Method Msa
Coach 2 Cope is an excellent program which provides a framework through which to administer mental health first aid. Stephen's practicality, workplace experience, study, and evidenced based strategies all mesh together to provide a structured plan to manage episodes of distress and implement plans to mentor youth so they can better manage distress themselves, leading to empowerment and autonomy, exactly what this course delivers for its participants who work in this challenging yet rewarding sector.