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EquiEnergy Youth believes in a brighter future for young people, their families, and our community. We exist to save young lives. We do this by reconnecting communities and educating adult support systems to reduce psychological distress in young people. Just like DR ABC for a physical health crisis, our TAR3 Psychological First Aid gives adults simple steps to follow in a mental health crisis.


Connecting with the community

We are a NSW based organisation, and are all about reconnecting young people to the communities in which they live, locally and across Australia through our services.


Mental Health Crisis

  • 1 in 5 children experience a high level of psychological distress
  • 42% of young people feel stressed “all of the time or most of the time”
  • Presentations to Emergency Departments for episodes of self-harm have significantly increased
  • Suicide is the leading cause of death for young people aged 15-24 (Australian Bureau of Statistics, 2018)

Coach 2 Cope

  • Evidence based professional learning for educators, other professionals and families/carers
  • A new approach developed from PhD research and clinical experience responding to thousands of young people through acute episodes of psychological distress
  • Expert guidance on why mental health challenges are more prevalent than ever and what you can do to help
  • Learn the most effective ways to respond and support young people in distress and with behavioral challenges
Help, support, advice & guidance

Registered Charity

  • Saving young lives by building capacity in communities across Australia to support the mental health & wellbeing of young people
  • Coach 2 Cope programs aimed at reducing psychological distress, self-harm and risk of suicide
  • 7000+ adults trained - supporting over 100,000 children and young people in Australia
  • Committed to providing training for families/carers at no cost
  • Become part of the solution and become a corporate sponsor of EquiEnergy Youth by contacting


Learn Simple Ways to Effectively Respond to Your Child’s Mental Health Distress and Help Build Their Coping & Resilience

Learn a simple 5 step process so you can guide your child or teen through their distress, worry less about their mental health and watch them become more focused. The process you will learn has been used to help thousands of parents better manage the challenges their kids face every day.

We value Integrity, Innovation, Compassion and Community.

EquiEnergy Youth is dedicated to reducing instances of psychological distress, self harm and the risk of suicide in young people by building capacity in communities so they can effectively respond to them during episodes of distress and support their mental health.