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Tayiah Hastings

It’s with great pleasure to announce that this wonderful young lady Tayiah Hastings has joined EquiEnergy Youth as our newest Youth Ambassador. As a community, if we want to make a real meaningful impact on improving the mental health and wellbeing of young people, we have to listen to what they are telling us and we look forward to learning more from a young person’s perspective in Tayiah. We recently caught up with Tayiah where she shared a bit about herself and her thoughts on youth mental health.

Welcome Tayiah!

Why is youth mental health important to you?

”This current generation speaks more openly about their mental health and life struggles. There has also been higher rates of Neurodiverse diagnosis in recent times. These kids are often misunderstood by the older generations. I want to help close the gap between this current generation and the older generation when it comes to mental health issues.”   Why did you want to become a Youth Ambassador for EquiEnergy Youth? ”I want to be involved with like minded people who are interested in young people’s mental health. I want kids to know that’s ok to not be ok and be heard. I want to help give the youth of today a voice and help them to be heard by the adults in their lives.”