Our Team


Dr Caroline De Vries

Caroline grew up in the Netherlands and has been working in health for well over 30 years. For 20 years her work has been in the field of psychiatry, specialising in child and adolescent and family psychiatry. She is a conjoint lecturer at the University of Newcastle in NSW and has trained, worked and taught in Australia and the Netherlands. She has a particular interest in public health and social psychiatry and believes healthy relationships and being connected are paramount to well-being of all. Caroline is determined to continue to contribute and build capacity through engaging communities and strong networks. Caroline currently works as a consultant at Headspace and at the Wiyiliin Ta Aboriginal Counselling Service in Newcastle. In the last year, she has also worked in remote Aboriginal Communities in the Kimberley. She will open her private practice in 2020. Caroline is married and has lived in Newcastle for 20 years and has 2 teenage daughters and a son in primary school.