Our Team


Dr Ashley Kable

Dr Ashley Kable is a researcher at the University of Newcastle, NSW. She has many years of experience designing, conducting and evaluating health services research projects and is committed to finding ways to improve health service delivery. Prior to being an academic, Ashley worked as a clinical nurse consultant and clinical nurse specialist in operating theatre nursing at various acute care facilities in NSW and Queensland. She also contributed as a nurse educator in clinical roles and in undergraduate nursing programs. Ashley is dedicated to the training of future researchers in health care. She is particularly drawn to undertaking projects focused on improving care of vulnerable people; including young people and adolescents, people with dementia, people at risk for poor outcomes and complications and safety issues in health care. She has contributed to, and supervised projects focused on patient safety, patient experiences, mental health issues, preventive health and health promotion approaches, and health professional issues. Ashley is a parent and has experienced the challenges associated with supporting a young person to navigate their way through the adolescent years in contemporary society. Through her involvement in studies focused on adolescent mental health in acute care settings, she has recognised the importance of supporting young people and their families as they engage with the world around them. Consequently, she has now committed time and energy to supporting EquiEnergy Youth as a member of the board, guided by the values of this charity, to contribute to achieving the vision of this compassion oriented organisation.