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A belated intro to Ben Payne

Introducing our fearless Managing Director and Public Officer, Ben Payne who founded EquiEnergy Youth along with Steve and Craig.  Now more than 3 years into our mission to saves young lives through the systematic improvement of youth mental health in Australia, Ben has been instrumental in all the elements of the charity/NFP that make EquiEnergy Youth strong.  As our pioneer Manager, Ben has blazed all the key trails for the growth of the organisation:  our team, our customers, our partners and the communities we work with.  Having left behind a distinguished real estate career and armed with a MBA, Ben has led by example to demonstrate the values we hold so dear:  Compassion, Integrity, Community and Innovation.  When you add to this a rare determination and laser focus to succeed, good old fashioned hard work/customer service and the willingness to make personal sacrifices for the benefit of our shared beliefs, we have a rock-solid MD in Ben to lead us into a bright future. A bit more about Ben here; One of your best memories? A while ago now but holding my son’s Ethan and Koa for the first time. Most recently there’s a few, this day in the photo spending Melbourne Cup day with my Dad after months of lockdown is one of the stand outs. Favourite sporting team, musician/band or artist? Eels, Britney Spears, Craig Allen Favourite TV show/Movie? Seinfeld and The X Files and most recently Yellowstone Best meal you’ve ever had? Every meal after a long fun surf Best advice you have received: Listen Why is youth mental health important to you? ”Our youth are the future of our country and right now too many young Australians are doing it real tough and some are tragically choosing to end their lives. Many of this is preventable and with EEY I have an opportunity to play a small part in improving this situation”. ”I also want to be the best Dad I can be for my sons”