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International Women’s Day – A Day to Remember

As part of International Women’s Day at Newcastle Racecourse put on a fabulous event with EquiEnergy Youth and Got Your Back Sista the fortunate recipients of the fundraising for the day. A whopping $34,660 was raised! Thank you to everyone that attended and for your generosity. We’d like to send a special thanks to all the sponsors, in particular our wonderful supporters at Prosperity Business Advisors our board members Caroline and for always flying the EEY flag and being such strong advocates for youth mental health. Megan Smith and Jason Ginns the same, wow, thank you! And of course our youth ambassador Kiara Want, what an amazing young lady you are. The courage you show to speak openly and share your experiences to improve youth mental health is inspiring to us all. Your speech was beautiful. Congratulations to everyone involved for putting on such a wonderful event.