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Newest and oldest EEY addition

 It’s well overdue that we write up on one of the latest additions to Team EEY. That is Craig Allen. Well, he’s always been with us as he is one of the co-founders that started our charity and has now made the monumental jump from his long term career and day job to dedicate the rest of his working life helping our charity improve mental health outcomes for young people (Read more about this here Craig has plenty of great qualities; humble, loyal, intelligent, competitive, reliable and down to earth are just a few. Get to know a bit more about what makes Craig tick below; One of your best memories? My first ever barrel (hollow wave while surfing). To those who know what it feels like to catch a wave on a surfboard, a barrelling wave is the epitome. While no doubt a mere ‘cover-up’ where I’m sure my head just ducked under a tiny lip for a split second, it was a moment I’ll never forget. Alexandra Headland, QLD, 1993. Favourite sporting team, musician/band or artist? Slash Favourite TV show/Movie? Forest Gump Best meal you’ve ever had? A crazy lobster entrée in Madrid.  Haven’t tasted that level of flavour prior or since. Best advice you have received: True happiness comes from giving Why is youth mental health important to you? I feel an increasingly strong sense of responsibility to leave the world in better shape than I found it. This sense is rooted in treating people and nature far more kindly than we do now. Young people are the key to a better future always and I believe as adults, we must guide them to be their best physically, mentally and in harmony with those around them.