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Introducing EquiEnergy Youth Board Member Dr Ashley Kable

Dr Ashley Kable has committed many years to finding ways to improve health service delivery through research and clinical roles. As a parent, Ashley has experienced the challenges associated with supporting a young person to navigate their way through the adolescent years in contemporary society. With vast life and career experience, along with a huge heart, Ashley is also such a genuinely nice person who’s values align with us. We are very fortunate to have Dr Ashley Kable as part of our team. One of your best memories? Well – being a parent in all it’s complexity. Also – Sitting on a yacht next to the opera house in Sydney harbor on new year’s eve with fireworks exploding overhead and all around us Favourite sporting team, musician/band or artist? Diana Krall, Sting, Eric Clapton, Rockmelons, Alicia Keys, Bill Withers, Little River Band, Dusty Springfield, Jamie Cullum, Emma Pask Favourite TV show/Movie? TV: Gogglebox – it’s hilarious. Movie: About Time … Bill Nighy at his best! Best meal you’ve ever had? A wonderful dinner in Tuscany in a gorgeous old chateau watching the sunset over olive orchards and vineyards. Best advice you have received: ”Get a dog” they said… Seriously: So many people like to say “Time heals”. I think this is misleading. My view is that time passes and as it does, everything falls into it’s proper place in our story and perspective. Why is youth mental health important to you? Our youth are the future. The next generation that will shape our culture and society and create the environment for their children. They need support and resources to survive and function in a future world that we have not experienced; and they need to become resilient, nimble, compassionate, future focused, and responsible for their own safety and the safety of others. To achieve these skills, they may need assistance to find a safe place in the world, develop self caring skills and gain confidence to become mature adults, parents, mentors and leaders in their communities.