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Welcome Amy to the EEY Team

One of your best memories? I think my best memories growing up are those of everyday things; having dinners together, playing games at the park, body surfing at the beach, spending time with family. As a parent these are the things I focus on, making those connections regularly, always with an element of fun. Favourite sporting team, musician/band or artist? I love listening to Kate Miller-Heidke and watching her perform. I am always blown away by her amazing vocal range. I have seen her perform in places from shipping containers and festivals to The Opera House and locally at The Civic Theatre. Favourite TV show/Movie? I’m a sucker for a sporting movie and could watch A League Of Their Own without ever getting sick of it. Best meal you’ve ever had? I can’t go past a great lasagne. My Mum’s is definitely better than your Mum’s. Best advice you have received: “Nothing is permanent” Knowing this has always given me permission to have fun celebrating the good things and knowledge that there will be a light at the end of the tunnel during tough times. Why is youth mental health important to you? The adolescent years can be littered with challenges and I have seen first hand the increase in young people experiencing mental ill health. I am passionate about empowering young people and supporting them to discover their tools that will help them manage difficult times not just through their school years but beyond.