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Welcome Eliza to the EEY Team

Introducing wonderful Eliza who has been part of Equi Energy Youth for over one year now. Eliza has been leading our Coach 2 Cope “Transition to Teens” program with a local OOSH and has been receiving raving reviews from the kids and educators. We are stoked to have Eliza on our team helping improve mental health outcome for young people. “I am Eliza, also known at Lizey, Lize or Eli (among other things). I am grateful to have a secure home base in my partner, Jesse with our 4 year old Aussie Bulldog Marshall. I am rich in deep relationships, I have grown up with a small, reliable family unit (not without our challenges) and I cherish my tight knit group of friends.” “I am committed to living a life I am proud of, of conscious development, one of living and unlearning. I spend a lot of time in reflection, exploring what I have unlearned about myself, life, love, success, failure, communication, fear, authenticity, and so much more. Each day I am continuing to learn, reshaping the way I view the world and the information I am putting out. “ “Professionally I am a Social Worker, I have experience working in both community and inpatient settings with people of all ages. I have worked in short-term acute and crisis situations and with people through long-term therapy. I have experience working in charitable, non-government and government organisations. A key area of interest of mine is working with young people who are experiencing eating disorders, particularly elite or emerging athletes. Working with young people has been the most cherished part of my career so far, despite being the most powerless in society, they are often the most grateful and inspiring.” “When thriving, I am outside basking in the fresh air, camping, indulging in a self- development book, singing and dancing (to anything but mostly something from the 70s, disco is my current jam) or having deep conversations with friends.