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Welcome and thank you Kurt Gidley for becoming an Ambassador for EEY

week’s team profile is Kurt Gidley. Kurt is an absolute legend and we are so appreciative to have such an incredibly talented, hard-working and genuine bloke as part of our team who generously donates his time supporting our initiatives to improve mental health outcomes. One of your best memories? How’s three sound- Our Wedding Day. The birth of my 3 beautiful girls. Captaining my home town NRL team, the Newcastle Knights. Favourite sporting team, musician/band or artist? Newcastle Knights of course. Silverchair/Oasis Favourite TV show/Movie? Dumb & Dumber due to funny memories with my brothers Best meal you’ve ever had? Danny’s Seafood, La Perouse. Sydney Best advice you have received Practice G.E.M daily.

  • Gratitude
  • Empathy
  • Mindfulness

Why is youth mental health important to you? Youth mental health is important to me because I/we have a responsibility to nurture the next generation of people within our communities. I was very lucky to have wonderful mentors in my life and it is now my turn to connect and support young Australians during this phase of their lives.