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Welcome Megan Smith to Equi Energy Youth

Team EquiEnergy Youth is growing and we are very fortunate to have fabulous people helping our cause of improving mental health outcomes for young people. Megan Smith is one of those fabulous people. Megan is a Director at Prosperity ( and generously donates her time as a board member at Equi Energy Youth. Megan is an exceptionally intelligent and kind person with a great sense of humour and brings a wealth of experience to EEY providing expert financial advice, as well as strategic and operational support. Everyone is impacted by mental health and Megan has shared why it’s so important to her: ‘’My life was rocked with the suicide of my partner in 2009 shortly followed by the suicide of a client which I was closely impacted by. These losses caused me to do a lot of learning and reflection around the impact of mental health both on those suffering from poor mental health and the lives of those around them. Separately, my daughter is one of 6 children from 3 marriages in her Dad’s family and in our family my Partner has 3 daughters from his former marriage. That makes for a very large and blended family which brings enormous joy as well as complexity and challenges. The combination of these life experience make youth mental health an incredibly important matter for me. There is so much we can do to nurture and support our young people which makes me incredibly grateful and passionate about the work of EEY.’’ Here is more interesting things about Megan: One of your best memories?: “Every year, our family have an annual holiday to Boambee Bay Resort near Sawtell. Its something we have been doing for 20 years. It’s a simple but relaxing and happy week for everyone and one we all look forward to. Its great watching our own children now enjoy it with us.” Favourite musician, band or artist?: “Dirty Dancing is up there. Also currently watching “The Inbestigators” series with my 9yo which we get lots of laughs from and is a great platform from which to casually discuss “school things” with her.” Best meal you’ve ever had?:“Is it appropriate to say the breakfast skillet at Denny’s Diner in Hawaii?? Also the “Make Me, Feed Me” home delivery meals from Chin Chin Sydney through the covid lockdown were amazing!” Best advice you have received?: “So many things I could write here. I’ll stick with “Be kind”.”