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Launch of Coach 2 Cope – Psychological First Aid

EquiEnergy Youth exists to reduce instances of psychological distress, self harm and the risk of suicide in young people.

This is why we developed ‘Coach 2 Cope – Psychological First Aid’.

Now all adults can gain access to learning the Psychological First Aid (TAR3) method that is being used by thousands of educators, professionals, families and carers to support the mental health of young people.

When it comes to supporting a person in a physical health crisis, you were most likely taught to follow the DR ABC method. Now you can learn what to do in a mental health crisis, in your own time, online, in just 30 minutes.

The program begins by providing insights into why child and adolescent mental health is more prevalent than ever and simple ways adults can help young people build vital coping, resilience and positive help seeking behaviour. Using animations and models, Dr Stephen Spencer demonstrates the TAR3 Psychological First Aid method step by step on how and when to respond to any young people in distress, in any situation, to achieve a positive outcome.The learning in Coach 2 Cope is supported by graphics, animations and models with our Clinical Director Dr Stephen Spencer (PhD) guiding you with step by step demonstrations.

You can receive instance access to Coach 2 Cope – Psychological First Aid via our website or by emailing